Failure Games

from by Flobots

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my brother we lost you to the waters that have always lied to us
i lost you thought my hands were quick but never quick enough
i lost you to demons that have grown up in the crib with us
and i wasn't in your corner when those lies came to fisticuffs
my other were all born with a dragon branded on our shoulder blades
scars are invisible
but my spine knows the weight
all of us in the struggle don’t need a diagnosis
when depression is a constant
we all know but do not notice
the diplomacy of monsters
those we hold up
are we lifting them up
or are we tying them down to the altar
we anoint our leaders young
but if i had been there in the lobby
would you have made it to the balcony
how many hands do we need
to do right by the mouths you feed
the position of the ugly sun
has heat to kill the shade away
dead songs of unwillingly servants
laid still but still lay awake
no candles on the deathday cake
couldn’t find it on the schedule
couldn’t pull the strings to get it going
cuz i’m all out of geppetto moves
handcuffs and statutes
strange fruit makes bad juice
state house and don’t shoot
the solution of medusa
trying to turn us into statues
if i could only make these hands loose
your mother's voice is the only one that names you
it claims you

i definitely don’t want you to feel the way that you do

my calendar still knows your name
so happy birthday time traveller
see the frozen flames
tried to apply first aid
when challenger first rose to fame
i was in the third grade
they fell to earth when explosion reigned
melted whatever snows remained
now the chasm is river sized like
arizona openings
now the pattern is giving highs
like serotonin dopamine
citywide black and blue regalia
trade apologies like a boat exchange
say all mine i’ll say all yours
master of human failure
overseen the underhanded
fumbling like i’m from the panthers
i don’t understand cuz i had a hundred grand plan
now i want an answer
living life boastfully
should i get rid of my hopes and dreams that didn’t die
give advice
this isn’t like it was supposed to be


from NOENEMIES, released May 5, 2017
Failure Games
S. Brackett, J. Laurie, K. Ortiz, G. Otto, A. Stone



all rights reserved


Flobots Denver, Colorado

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