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    releases May 5, 2017

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Philia (prelude)
Failure Games
Blood in the River
American Dreams
Rattle The Cage
Buried Alive
Dancing in the Light of a Burning City (Phoenixes)
Antioch (interlude)
Voices of the Dead
Temimut (interlude)
Hurqalya (postlude)
Sleeping Giant


releases May 5, 2017

Brer Rabbit - Vocals
Jonny 5 - Vocals
Kenny Ortiz - Drums, Troublebuckets

Very Special Guests:
Gabriel Otto - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Keys, Moog, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Mackenzie Gault - Viola (3,5,6,7,8,12,14,16), Vocals (3,8)
Serafin Sanchez - Saxophone (6), Keys (5,6,16)
Tad Lusk- Acoustic and Electric Guitars (3,4,5,6,7,8,11,14,16)

Additional performances by:
Tom Hagerman - Violin (3,6,8,12,14,16)
Evan Orman - Cello (3,6,8,12,14,16)
Charlie Mertens - Upright bass (3,8,14)

Eva Holbrook - Vocals (4)
Spirit of Grace (Shamae Matthews, Tonicia London, Christin Grant, C. Larea Edwards)
with Maxwell McKee - Vocals (2,3,7,12,14,16)
Suzi Q - Vocals (16)
Denver Glenarm Singers (11)
Sallie Baker - Vocals (1)
Chris “#2” Barker - Vocals (11)
Colorado Children’s Chorale’s 303 Choir - Vocals (13), Ad libs (2,4,15)

Hugh Ragin - Trumpet (6,9,14)
Tom Gershwin - Trumpet (9,14)
Adam Stone - Keys (2)
Dave Flomberg - Trombone (9,14)

Track 12 contains a sample of “Antioch” as performed by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
Track 14 contains material originally written and recorded by Pan Astral
Track 16 contains material originally written and recorded by Suzi Q


Produced by Gabriel Otto
Recorded and engineered by Xandy Whitesel at Mighty Fine Studios, Denver CO
All songs mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room, Fort Collins CO

All string and horn arrangements by Gabriel Otto
All strings and horns recorded by Todd Divel at Silo Studios
Vocals recorded by Owen Trujillo at Enlightofme Studios, Thornton CO
Additional vocals on (2,3,7,12,14,16) recorded by Jesus Rodriguez at Youth On Record’s Youth Media Studio, Denver CO
Additional vocals on (4,6,9,12,14) recorded at Mighty Fine Studios
Additional vocals on (4,7,8,12,14) recorded at Turquoise Studio
Additional vocals on (3,5) recorded at The Blasting Room
Additional vocals on (2,11) recorded at The Space, Pittsburgh PA
Additional viola on (16) recorded at Jamie’s Room Studios
Additional guitar on (9) recorded at Turquoise Studio

Special thanks to our touring players: Sean Blanchard, Kris Becker, Sarah Hubbard, Serafin Sanchez

We were so fortunate to work with all of the musicians and professionals listed above. Thanks also to the following people who were critical to bringing this album to life: Carrie Lombardi, Jason Mastrine, Alex Dunne, Meg Ryan, Tony Kent, Travis Branam, Daryl Walker, Tung Pham, Anne Dunlap, Art Jones, Sharon Kermiet, Armando Lopez, Jesse Elliot, Garey Kennebrew, Lolita Casteñeda, Hugo Rodriguez, Tyler Bauer, Anne Lederer, Lea Thompson, Sean Edwin, Jennifer Brackett

The spirit of this album was nurtured and elevated by an extended network of people and organizations who have shown us love in the process, including Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, The Spirituals Project, Momentum, Youth On Record, Gora Gora Orkestar, 2MX2, Wonderbound, Veterans of Hope Project, Colorado Creative Industries, and the growing team of NOENEMIES songleaders.

Our sincere gratitude to our families and friends for their constant love and support, and for helping us to be our best selves.

A very special thank you to our Kickstarter supporters whose support enabled us to have full control of the creative process, and gave us the flexibility and freedom to make this album exactly what it needed to be.

In memoriam: Marshawn McCarrel, Vincent Harding, Grace Lee-Boggs

Album art by Dustin Dahlman and Josiah Werning. Album design by Josiah Werning.

Management by Hatchery 17
Publicity by LiveLoud Media
© 2017 Flobots Music, LLC

Made in the USA. All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized duplication violates US copyright law and international treaties.



all rights reserved


Flobots Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Carousel
in the dead of night
deep inside my cell
saw the brightest light
shine from somewhere else
as it came to life
felt it cast its spell
and the carousel was turning

i’m on a carousel

middle of the dark
i’m lying all alone
little green spark
twinkle shining from my phone
i don’t know what i’m searching for
but why not
wishing on a star my hands are white hot
now i’ve got all the colors in a whirl
revolving while i spin and swirl
everybody follow me
follow me
cuz i’ve got all the colors in the world
tour all these sites like i’m on a boat
float maneuvering my eye site high on a post
ghosts illuminate the night like
two minute lite bright
in tune with the zeitgeist
the movement is so human and lifelike
forget the small talk
gimme the festival slot
the best that ya’ll got
leave me up here
on my pedestal
while the rest of ya’ll watch the spectacle
please don’t let me fall off

i have never seen you but i know you’re over there

we are aliens and odd ones
orphaned by chosen boundaries
adorned in algorithms
the schisms of hidden industries
in the streets we all are strangers
gaze in the faces disconnect
we form we click repeat deform
and in defeat
we disrespect
we are all those orphans
who can’t forgive our families
a tribe that's not divided
just blinded
by our realities
our scars are what bind us
we toss and scream and lay awake
the antidote of the in between
is to put our dreams on layaway

all i wanted was to win at everything and never fail
all i wanted was to live my life upon a carousel